Michelle Armstrong

Michelle Armstrong

Michelle Armstrong is the Treasurer of imagine1day and currently works as the Director of Merchandising with lululemon athletica. She is passionate about her family, work, health and laughter. Michelle imagines a day when every child can be a child.

"This too, will pass." (It helps me through the tough times and reminds me to appreciate and enjoy the goot times). - My Grandpa.

My top three goals:

  • I travel to Ethiopia to see the schools we have built and to meet the children and communities that imagine1day has impacted
  • I have paid off our mortgage
  • I break 1:40:00 in a half marathon (my personal best so far is 1:42:02)

What am I currently...

  • Reading The Baby's Table I am absolutely clueless about what and how to feed my seven month old daughter!
  • Listening to to the Bill Good Show on 980AM in the mornings. I could never listen to it when I was working and I find the topics and guests really interesting
  • Learning about Macs. I went to my first iPhoto workshop this past month and I had no idea my computer could do all that! My holiday cards this year are going to rock
  • Loving my community. My maternity leave has allowed me to take the time to explore my community and I am so touched and inspired by all the amazing people I have had the chance to meet