Graham Snowden

If I had to describe myself in two words, I’d say I’m a… 
everytime person
when everyone recognizes what they are capable of, and does it.
What is the title of your Creatribution™? 
Going Coastal
I don't know what the title will be yet 
What is your Creatribution™? 

Going Coastal is a team of 20+ would-be runners competing in the 2013 Coastal Challenge; a 230km, 6 day foot race through the jungle, over mountains and volcanoes and along the coast line of Costa Rica. We will be engaging in wide variety of fundraising events, sponsorship opportunities and an awareness campaign for imagine1day over the 12 months leading up to the race.

What do you love, love, love doing? 

Standing at the top of a peak after a long hike. Breaking from the ordinary, amazing views in every direction, perspective of how small we are in this world, a sense of accomplishment and achievement. Summer or Winter you’ll find me wanting, weekend warrioring, to tackle some local peak to connect me with all of those feelings.

I also love laughing so hard your stomach hurts, tiger ice cream, and my Vita-Mix.

What do you expect to learn, discover, or achieve through your Creatribution™? 

That a small group of ordinary people can do something extraordinary; to discover new friends, new experiences and new adventures; and have an amazing time with incredible people in process.

What about imagine1day is most important to you? 

Giving people the tools to help themselves and future generations with sustainable projects.

What is something you have learned that you NEVER knew before imagine1day? 

That when you ask a group of people if they would be willing to push themselves far outside of their comfort zone for a good cause the answer is an overwhelmingly loud "YES!".

Why did you choose imagine1day? 
For it's beliefs, goals and mission. For the work that it does and the long-term effects and legacy of that work. For how supportive the organization is and how much fun they are to partner with.
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