Shayla Jones

If I had to describe myself in two words, I’d say I’m a… 
quirky and fun
when we create and sustain a brighter future for our children
What is the title of your Creatribution™? 
I don't know what the title will be yet 
What is your Creatribution™? 

We're on a mission to unite Vancouver's hip hop crowd by creating an exhibit that gives local artists the opportunity to showcase their awesome, urban artwork that then transitions into a pure pARTy!

What do you love, love, love doing? 

I love love loveeeee to snowboard! Also, making up ridiculous dance moves and listening to loud music.

What do you expect to learn, discover, or achieve through your Creatribution™? 

I expect to gain some pretty awesome life skills, AND to meet cool people who share the same passions as me along the way. MUSIC, ART, AND FUN!

What about imagine1day is most important to you? 

The strong bond between all the people involved within imagine1day. No matter where you are in this world, we support each other 100% !

What is something you have learned that you NEVER knew before imagine1day? 

I have learned that we are so blessed to live the way we do here in North America, and that we take a lot for granted.

Why did you choose imagine1day? 

I chose imagine1day because the moment I walked into that office I was welcomed with open arms. And because 100% of every dollar donated goes towards the project of your choice. COOL!