Thea Gow-Jarrett

If I had to describe myself in two words, I’d say I’m a… 
dance lover
when every child gets to be a kid.
I don't know what the title will be yet 
What is your Creatribution™? 

I choreographed and filmed an instructional video for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic flash mob.

What do you love, love, love doing? 

I love to dance in the kitchen, friends' kitchens, the living room, friends' living rooms and in my classroom while singing with my students!

What do you expect to learn, discover, or achieve through your Creatribution™? 

As I am writing this post flash mob; I never knew to trust my creativity and believe that I could be part of something so mind-blowingly awesome! This is my second flash mob and a third is in the works for another very worthy cause. In Huntsville, ON this June, we will use the G8 summit as a platform to raise awareness about global water issues.

What about imagine1day is most important to you? 

imagine1day's mission resonates with me as a primary teacher. Their commitment to quality education for every child in Ethiopia is inspiring and crucial for the future of our world. We need to teach children about the power they possess and encourage them to use it to positively affect their community and beyond.

What is something you have learned that you NEVER knew before imagine1day? 

I may have suspected, but now I KNOW it is true that it can be simple and fun to make a difference!

Why did you choose imagine1day? 

It chose me! My incredibly motivating brother in-law Adam knew to trust me with this project.