Imagine Ethiopia 2012 Application

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Imagine Ethiopia journeys are designed to bring together a group of exceptional people who are committed to elevating themselves, their communities, and the world. We are in search of 14 passionate people to make up the Imagine Ethiopia 2012 Dream Team. Are you ready to shake things up? Read on!

As a prospective member of the Imagine Ethiopia 2012 Team you are:

  • Ready for an awe inspiring experience of Ethiopia.
  • Excited to connect with imagine1day, the community of participants and trip leaders, and the Ethiopian friends you will come to love.
  • Physically and spiritually fit for a transformative adventure of a lifetime.
  • Inspired by imagine1day’s vision of a world where all people are connected to their greatness.
  • Motivated (and possibly a little nervous) to explore your passions and powerfully take on an imagine1day fundraising project (Creatribution) with a commitment to raise CDN$7,145 by September 15, 2012.
  • Informed about and committed to all trip costs and payment schedule, and you have read and understood all the details described in the fine print.
  • Available to be in Ethiopia between the dates of October 7 – 21, 2012, plus travel days on either side.

The Application:

Imagine Ethiopia is more than a trip. We like to think of the experience as a catalyst for possibility and purpose. Leading up to the journey in Ethiopia, the Imagine Ethiopia team will raise CDN$100,000 to fund the cost of a primary school project for a remote rural community in Ethiopia's Oromiya Region. We will support one another in having fun, being creative and growing as individuals as we reach our goal.

As your application to join us on this journey, please share the following:

  1. Why do you want to be on the Imagine Ethiopia 2012 Dream Team?
  2. How do you envision leveraging your passion and talents to successfully achieve your fundraising contribution to the team goal? We know your ideas will evolve and grow through this process. At this point we’re interested in hearing how you might turn some of your passions into your contribution.
  3. How would you characterize the role that you typically fill as part of a team (could be a sports team, a team of colleagues, a rad group of friends, etc.). What elements of this role do you envision bringing to the Imagine Ethiopia 2012 Dream Team?

Most importantly, be you!

The creative license is yours. We have very few preconceived expectations for the format of your submission, and encourage you to think outside the box. Videos, poems, pictures, blog posts, and beyond are welcomed!

Application Form

If your submission is in the form of a digital file, please upload your file to and insert the link for us in the field below:

If your submission is in plain text, or you are linking us to a site where your submission is hosted (YouTube, Blog, etc.), please use the field below:


We are honored that you are considering this journey, and we look forward to meeting our Dream Team soon!

Have questions? Experiencing problems submitting your application? Please email with the subject line: Imagine Ethiopia 2012.

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