The schools4schools Program

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Start to learn about imagine1day communities and social responsibility through our schools4schools program. Encourage your students to be global citizens and to participate in positive change that reflects the importance of education for every child in our world.

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The story of 1 School

See the story of 1 school built for children in Ethiopia through meaningful learning and activities. Watch the visual story of their schools4schools journey and the impact it made on their community and the community of Laelay Weste in Ethiopia. (Watch the video)

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Creating Global Awareness

Learn about imagine1day and Ethiopia. Understand the ways in which your school is the same and different. Think about education and the possibilities it creates for children in Ethiopia. View the Powerpoint to discover more about global awareness. (Download the Powerpoint)

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Introduction to the Teaching Community

Plan for your imagine1day project with your school community. Use the information sheet to help as a guide as you introduce imagine1day to educators and parents. How might your students be empowered and inspired to impact the lives of others through their actions? (Download the Introduction)

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Imagine1day Quick Facts

The imagine1day quick fact sheet is an easy reference for your students to know more about imagine1day. Anything they can’t find here, they’ll be able to find on our website. (Download the Info Sheet)

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School Assembly

Imagine what schools are like in Ethiopia. Think of how buildings, latrines and supplies can affect learning. Each student can make a meaningful difference through their own actions no matter how big or small. Begin to visualize what your school can do by holding a school assembly. (Download the Document)

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